Music - Releases

[11.12.06]____Joint Century {musick}

[27.06.06]____Entering the Solar Macchia {musick}

[09.06.06]____Holographic Workship {musick}

[05.05.06]____Dex on Mountaintop {musick}

[10.04.06]____Flowers Came {musick}

[25.03.06]____Cossy with Banks {musick}

Unnoticed Memory

Like a missed TV or radio show you can do tape-recordings of your environment without noticing the things taking place. Simply put a MiniDisc recorder and a microphone outside and press record. Go get inside, shut the door and forget about all. You may do the washing up, plant a tree or just try to spend your precious time for more useful things. Allthough you didn't pay attention to the scenery outside, you may now complete this missed memory by listenig to your records. Actually I am collecting unnoticed memories of "Cologne via balcony" >>Filed under soundmarks

Fieldrecordings - just borrowed

Soundscapes of nature and urban life. Try one of my latest fieldrecs

Groningen-Cologne-Soundscape - an aural journey through the cities of Groningen and Cologne

In December 2004 Kasper von Hoek and I presented the collaboproject Groningen-Cologne-Soundscape.